Lecture Participants Share

There are many lectures and more workshops. You managed to bring something new, different. A kind of dance that touches the pain, anticipation, disappointment, question, and especially improvement. Your double dance is so beautiful that it is both deep and light, piercing and humorous. Hot and especially not compromising. I am grateful for having the right to be Part of it. Waiting for the sequel.

Liat Brand

An important lecture and very important information. A great treasure came at our door. Thanks a lot for Gila and Nadav for the lecture, it was great.

Denny Perry

A very interesting and educational lecture that makes you examine, ask, and look at relationships in an original and beautiful way. As one of the participants said, why don’t they teach at school? University? Really why?

Merav Damri

An important lecture for every couple! To observe and examine the tissue that connects our parity, to ask questions and to reach the intensity and key insights.

Mira Kahlon Ackerman

A most enriching lecture. Appropriate for any couple, at every stage of their lives, before each chapter, while in a chapter. Allows you to expand and deepen the connection. Warmly recommend.

Sigalit Lahav

Thank you very much for the interesting lecture in the mirror of the connective tissue. It’s an interesting and exciting interpretation. I have a taste for more.

Orly Elyakim

The brave Gila, taking such a routine subject, and illuminating the spotlight on new angles that provoke thoughts and interest. Respect.

Etty Elbugen

From yesterday I am in a very thoughtful situation, I cannot stop contemplating the model. It touched and touches me deeply in places I cannot define. I’ll stay with it. Thank you very much for your sincere and courageous cooperation.


An interesting lecture, very diverse, I enjoyed every moment. Well done.

Orly Parash

The material was passed in a clear and interesting manner. Well done.

Abigail Katz
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