Gila Belfair

A social worker by training, Gila Belfair lectures before diverse audiences on: The Connecting Beyond model. Gila also facilitates workshops and conducts individual and couple therapy. She studied Gestalt therapy, couple and Imago therapy and is a trainer in NLP and guided imagery. She combines these therapeutic approaches and customizes them to each patient’s best benefit.

Gila, I read the book and are excited to tears. You’re totally amazing. I couldn’t put the book out of my hand.

A new and wonderful book. A book that is semi prose semi therapeutic, and more than once during the reading I really began to cry out of identification and enthusiasm.

Gila Belfair childhood experiences of are very similar to my own. And the encounter with them is charged and sensitive. (From a questionnaire for the digital newspaper “Stinger”)

Iris Elia Hacohen
Author, poet, recipient of the Prime Minister's Prize for creativity

An iconic book.

Yael Shachai
Associate editor, writer and co-author of Pomegranate publishing.

The book “connecting beyond” by Gila Belfair is actually a book about a woman who, in my mind, is very brave. A woman who grew up in a house that had no embrace or warm and loving relationship, and still managed to go out to her freedom, to fulfill herself, to take care of other couples, and even write about sincerely.

This book is all about personal and feminine empowerment.

Hagit Ben-Hur

Gila, I read your book “Connecting Beyond” in a breathlessly, simply, I could not let go of it. I didn’t know what to expect; and when I began to read, I was just touched, from the very sensitive and realistic depictions of relationships between people in general and between spouses in particular. Gila, you managed to convey to the reader in a fascinating way experiences from which the insights of the connective tissue have been built – a simple truth of understanding what intimacy is, what is the dynamics of relations between spouses, and how it should be treated so that the couple can grow from it. A practical sense wisdom book that is rare to find in these parts.

Yochai Cohen

Dear Gila

I just finished reading your book. I sit outside, in my garden under the tree and try to feel the freedom…. Your book is a trove of hope, of a beating heart and living close to itself and those around it. You have not lost a bit of the ability for authenticity, closeness to simplicity, to yourself…. The connections between your childhood life and the lively connections of your spousal life allowed me to connect deeply and personally to the relationships in my life, with my parents and children.

Reading the book is like a process, slowly permeates … and opens like a fan (just as Jonah Wallach’s book “Consciousness opens like a fan”) .The epilogue is so significant and creates the unique and thrilling act of weaving together all the parts of the book.

Really excited to write to you. And happy for our brief but significant acquaintance. Sure your book will accompany me in my educational work as well. With much appreciation, excitement and thankfulness.

Shelley Rosenberg
Literature teacher

Dear Gila

I finished reading your healing book, it really has the healing abilities. I really enjoyed it. It has so much in it. The analogy between physical tissue and spousal relationship tissue was magical to me, it has so many beautiful phrases, wonderful words. I loved the visit to your home in Ramla, the neighborhood, the family, the deliberation of the contrasts within us, the difference that can be bridged. So many times I identified and felt similar.

I even sat in an intimate breakfast and read my man some of your wonderful lines and it sparked an exciting conversation.

A brave book that gives an intimate glimpse into a relationship that has the potential for projection, development and healing. Glad you were on my way, my privilege.

Irit Yona

The book illuminates, distills, and with a beam of tips and insights, gives the reader the interconnected tools between couples and relationships in general.

The reading is leisurely, at eye level and reveals personal experiences. The editing is good with the reader and welcoming, especially the division to chapters and attaching them to the body tissues. The choice of illustration on the cover is excellent, and is a wonderful symbol that folds the message Inherent in the book. In conclusion: recommend a special book embroidered with exciting authentic threads, personal, academic, professional and storytelling.

Recommended and suitable for anyone who doesn’t live on a desert island!

Lee Yanini

Dear Gila

As I read the book, I felt intrigued by your personal stories. I felt that I knew the Yemeni community through you and that I was studying or experiencing the generation of parents but mostly identifying with the human stories and conflicts that anyone can connect to the emotions that arise from them. The writing is appealing and written from a mature place that sees the story as if from above. See the emotions and uniqueness of each character. You are seen as a smart girl who expresses her feelings and adventures with mature insights that can see and understand the surrounding.

I connected to the beautiful and unique parallel of body and soul connection. The parallel between body tissue and human relationships. I loved your sharing your personal relationships and admired the process you did that brought you to meaningful relationships.

I liked your desire to give a model that would help the whole out of the view that the whole is more than just its organs. As they become more sophisticated, we will feel more comfortable in society.

Vered Lauden
Kindergarten teacher

The book “Connecting Beyond” was written in the art of “Embroidery”.

The author takes us on her life journey, incorporating the beauty and importance of the role of “connective tissue” in the human body for preservation, protection and quality of life, and as she states “It is the great conductor behind the scenes”, and connects connective tissue, emotions, connections and relationships in human life. The book opens a window for us to take a deeper look at our lives, and the decisions we make in life. How to create a healthy relationship and open-mindedness for understanding and accepting each other’s weaknesses; and grow together.

Shulamit Reuven
Therapist; sensory regulation

Hello Gila
I finished reading the book. Feels like after leaving a huge movie in the cinema with all the insights, excitement and identification.
I thought it was going to be a recipe for interpersonal communication and instead I found a treasure trove of professional knowledge from all directions of the story.
Champion. Well done!

Shai Parash

I’m in the middle of your book. I am fascinated. You did it big time. hurray

Michal Belfer
Management and Education

Gila, I read the book
In some sections I really felt that you were writing about me, amazing.
I know this is a book that aims to present a therapeutic model, but you are insanely talented and the parts about Yemen and your childhood were excellent, why don’t you write a periodical novel on the subject. I’ll read for sure.
Waiting for a second book

Dr. Perach Osa’adon

Dear Gila,

I finished reading the book in two days. An exciting, inspiring, thought provoking and an educating experience. Thank you for letting me know your personal and professional world up close.

Tal Sapir

Let me share with you an experience that happened to me when I read this book. I felt as though Gila was taking all my covert thoughts, the ones I was ashamed of, the ones I was afraid of, the ones I wanted to hide, all of them gathered and gently endlessly conveying them to the front of the room, the front of my heart and life. Reading the book allowed me to see how things can be viewed differently, how one can listen to the heart and change without fear. How to see life through a different and unique perspective.
If you allow her, Gila will sweep you softly and wisely in simple and clear words into an inward journey of insights and tokens of life.
Glad I had the opportunity to read the book and get a chance to a new door.
Highly recommend to run and purchase a copy.

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