The human body has a connective tissue, responsible for the ‘relationships’ between the body’s organs. It connects the organs and separates them too. We, much like the organs in the human body, are connected by an invisible connective tissue, a tissue that connects us, but that also sets us apart.

I have revisited the path we went through, in retrospect, reading, investigating, and studying the world of intimate relationships, and eventually developed the Connective Tissue of Relationships model, of which you can read, in depth, here. I have written a chapter about it with Jack Canfield in his book “The Soul of Success” (“Chicken Soup for the Soul”, “The Success Principles”) which became an Amazon Best-Seller in the United States and Canada! I published my first book titled “Connecting beyond”, which you can purchase here on Amazon, and I give talks on the subjects, on which you can read more here.

My vision is to help people develop and sustain significant, great-quality relationships, while empowering their own ability of self-expression in all walks of life.

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