Anything essential is invisible to the eyes

The Little Prince
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The human body can teach us how to build quality and meaningful relationships


Gila Belfair is the author of “Connecting Beyond”, the creator of a
model for better understanding and improving relationships [based on
the roles of the connective tissue in the body], a therapist for
individuals and couples and a lecturer on the topic. In her work, she
combines different areas of knowledge such as biology, quantum
physics and more to deepen the understanding of relationships.
If we go back to nature, we will learn the nature of things.


Lecture Promo

In the lecture I present the model I developed based on
the physiological connecting tissue in the human body. I
make an analogy between the importance and role of
connective tissue, and the building of a meaningful and
valuable relationship between spouses.
We can learn from the human body how to build quality and
meaningful relationships.

About Me

Through the years, I have focused on the field of relationships, in general, and more specifically, intimate relationships, out of the understanding and belief that an intimate relationship (being the immense challenge that it is) might also be the most important one Read More...

The Book

Connecting Beyond- observing and learning relationships is a book about people. It is about the connection that we cannot see - but we can feel. The author writes about her childhood – growing up in a traditional family who emigrated from Yemen to Israel. She focuses on the relationships in her family as well as in her community Read More...

The Lecture

The talk is titled "Connecting Beyond" and it is focused on intimate relationships. I present the model I developed, based on the physiological connective tissue in the human body. Read More...

A little about me

For over fifteen years I have been taking care of my private clinic, where I provide personal and couple therapy through NLP and Guided Imagery, Gestalt Therapy, IMGO, Communication Skills and more

Gila, I read the book and are excited to tears. You’re totally amazing. I couldn’t put the book out of my hand.

A new and wonderful book. A book that is semi prose semi therapeutic, and more than once during the reading I really began to cry out of identification and enthusiasm.

Gila Belfair childhood experiences of are very similar to my own. And the encounter with them is charged and sensitive. (From a questionnaire for the digital newspaper “Stinger”)

Iris Elia Hacohen

Hello Gila
I finished reading the book. Feels like after leaving a huge movie in the cinema with all the insights, excitement and identification.
I thought it was going to be a recipe for interpersonal communication and instead I found a treasure trove of professional knowledge from all directions of the story.
Champion. Well done!

Shai Parash

There are many lectures and more workshops. You managed to bring something new, different. A kind of dance that touches the pain, anticipation, disappointment, question, and especially improvement. Your double dance is so beautiful that it is both deep and light, piercing and humorous. Hot and especially not compromising. I am grateful for having the right to be Part of it. Waiting for the sequel.

Liat Brand

An important lecture and very important information. A great treasure came at our door. Thanks a lot for Gila and Nadav for the lecture, it was great.

Denny Perry
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